Guinness World Record : Join this yoga event on Saturday

May 9, 2023 at 5:14 PM

Dubai’s Zabeel Park is anticipating a gathering of over 2,000 individuals this Saturday in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of nationalities participating in an international yoga event.

According to Khaleej Times, the event on May 13 will be held under the ambit of the Dubai Sports Council, in coordination with various partners.

A number of activities have been lined up as a lead up to the main event that is being held at the Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame Amphitheatre, with the objective of uniting the world in the pursuit of good health and wellness.

Arrangements have been made to ensure that over 3,000 people can practice yoga at the park, officials said at a press conference on Monday. The day’s event will be held on a grand scale, with organisers urging families – even those with children – to hop on the bandwagon.

Over 200 volunteers will be ushering in participants at various gates of the park, with ample parking available for all. People can alternatively use the Dubai Metro.

The Dubai Municipality is offering free entrance to the park in the evening for visitors who show interest in participating in the event that aims to create a new world record.

Don’t carry your yoga mats; just walk in

Pre events and entertainment activities will begin after 4pm at the Zabeel Park, with 60 minutes of yoga session for all levels of yoga enthusiasts after the sun sets. To participate, people can register online at or at onsite counters.

Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Senior Media Officer, Communication and Communication Department, Dubai Sports Council says, “It is a great initiative and is considered one of the most important events in the Dubai sports council agenda. We are hoping that the international yoga event will see the setting of a new record for most participating nationalities. Free yoga mats will be provided to people so that they don’t have to come with it. People can even carry it home, later, with themselves.

Also, we’ll be providing water to the participants. Since it’s an evening event the sun would go down, and I am sure the weather would be good. So, please come with your families and have a good time.”

Event organisers and partners appeal that uniting the world in the pursuit of good health is the key motive behind the event – so residents of all colour, race and nationality should join in and feel inspired to follow the practice throughout their life.

In 2022, the Indian Sports Centre, operating under the supervision of the Embassy of India in Qatar, organised a yoga session that saw 114 participants from different nationalities come together to practice yoga, creating a new world record.

Organisers note that participants can not only enjoy pre and post event activations, but will also be privy to many surprises. A fantastic lineup of influencers and performers will keep participants motivated throughout the event.

Among the luminaries slated to grace the occasion are Hanen from Syria, Indian-Pakistani content creator Issa, Sudanese model Esra, rising Lebanese star Nour Zougheib, and renowned singer/songwriter Juampi Pellicer from The Voice Argentina. (NewsWire)