Rules to follow to avoid Dh300 fine when cycling in the emirate

March 13, 2023 at 3:51 PM

More residents are now pedalling their way around Dubai, thanks to the long, scenic cycling tracks that the emirate has built in recent years.

The Dubai Municipality has constructed tracks — with a total length of 18.44km — inside 10 public parks to serve residents, from Mushrif Park to Al Barsha Pond Park and Al Warqaa. Two more are under construction.

While some bike as a hobby, others have started cycling to work to stay fit and healthy. Whatever your reason for riding the two-wheeler, you’ll have to stick to a number of safety rules.

According to Khaleej Times, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has put in place a clear set of regulations. It has indicated speed limits, age limits, safety gear requirements, and other precautionary measures.

To ensure public safety and cyclists’ compliance with rules, the authority had also specified fines for violations.

Riding a bicycle or an e-scooter without a permit, for example, is punishable by a Dh200 penalty; while exceeding the 60kmph speed limit can get you fined Dh300.

Here’s the full list:

Failure to stick to the cycling lanes determined by the RTA Dh200
Exceeding the 60kmph speed limit Dh300
Riding a cycle in a manner that endangers the life and safety of others Dh300
Riding or leaving a cycle on a lane designated for walking or jogging Dh200
Using an e-scooter or any type of cycle without a rider’s permit Dh200
Carrying a passenger on a pedal cycle or an electric bike that is not fitted with the required equipment; or failure to wear the required vest and helmet Dh200
Failure to comply with the speed limits prescribed by the RTA for cycle Lanes Dh100
Carrying a passenger on an Electric Scooter Dh300
Failure to meet the security and safety requirements Dh200
Riding a cycle that does not meet the technical requirements Dh300
Parking a cycle at non-designated areas; or parking in a manner that obstructs thetraffic of vehicles or pedestrians Dh200
Failure to comply with the instructions displayed on the information signs on roads and cycle lanes Dh200
Riding a pedal cycle by a person who is under the age of 12 years without being accompanied by a cyclist who is at least 18 years old Dh200
Failure to dismount the cycle when on a pedestrian crossing Dh200
Failure to report an accident to the RTA, the Dubai Police, or the ambulance service Dh300
Using the left-hand side of the road when riding a bicycle or an electric bike, or failure to ensure that the road is clear before changing lanes Dh200
Riding against traffic Dh200
Parking or driving a vehicle, or attempting to obstruct traffic, on a cycle lane Dh300
Having the cycle towed by a vehicle or using the cycle for towing Dh300
Failure by an entity supervising group training to obtain the RTA’s prior approval of the training Dh200 per person
Undertaking independent training Dh100 per person