Dubai to hire 10,000 employees for world’s biggest farming attraction

December 13, 2022 at 4:46 PM

Dubai will soon be home to the world’s biggest agritourism destination, creating 10,000 jobs, Arabian Business reported.

Agri Hub by URB will ensure the emirate’s food security with ample offerings around entertainment and adventure, the developer said in a statement.

“Dubai’s rural and agricultural rich communities are best positioned to become a global benchmark for agritourism,” Baharash Bagherian, chief executive of URB said.

Bagherian added that Agri Hub is a “highly attractive and activity-rich environment, which will transform Dubai into the world’s best rural visitor attraction in the world.”

At the new attraction, which is set to open in 2030, local UAE farmers will be given the opportunity to sell products directly from their farms.

Visitors can also take advantage of the sustainable venue through eco-friendly shopping, dining and edutainment offerings.

“Beyond becoming a new tourism experience in the countryside and wilderness of Dubai, the project will also promote greater health, well-being, and prosperity for rural local inhabitants,” Bagherian said, adding that Agri Hub will ultimately serve as an “innovative blueprint” for decarbonised rural tourism hubs of the future.

Agri Hub will also include 100 percent water recycling, green transit systems, bio-saline agriculture and on-site zero waste management.

The exact location will be confirmed in 2024, with construction due to begin in 2025. (NewsWire)